Samantha Sheldon welcomes guests of various professional fields to her virtual interview location. Through the series of questions posed to each guest, we discover the ways in which people’s stories and lives are similar,
yet uniquely different. The initial airing of each interview is
accompanied by a live chat where viewers are able to comment, socialize, and often interact with the guest of the episode. Chat Box With Sam also presents bonus material such as; livestreams, special compilations, and coverage of events relating to the show’s current and past guests and topics of discussion. The tone of the show will cover a spectrum from comical to philosophical, offering a wide variety of entertaining content.

Media Credit


Safe Harbor Films

Vice President Katherine Norland

Blackwater Blues Indiegogo

Samantha Sheldon worked closely with Corin Nemec on Social Media Content, Website Design, and Crowd Funding with Bonnie Ballentine.

Love America Tour

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